What if … You had invested in the past

What if … You had invested in the past

What if … You had invested in the past

What if ?

Recently a facebook page in this name is doing lots of interesting videos. There was a movie in Tamil by the same concept of “What if..” the hero had catched the bus 12B and if he didn’t go in that bus. One will be sober and smooth love story. Other one will be chirpy love story with lots of fun and happiness.

Even in life generally people dwell into the past of what if i had done that. The important point is you had not done that due to various circumstances and it is over.

Everything comes my way :

I was off the thinking that everything comes my way. All good things happen to me just like that and life is controlling me in a good way. I was resisting to changes as i wanted to be in my comfort zone. During my working days, i just had this idea of starting my advisory business and i began working on it. Self imposed doubt of will i be able to make money in my business over took me and i was just stopped in the work for more than one and half years.

Actually it was me resisting to move out of comfort zone of getting salary every month, weekends, movie outing with friends etc. Finally said good bye to all those things and i started my new advisory business. This is when i realised that when you are taking control of your life you can dictate terms and demand from your life. This is when you start responding to changes, actually meaning chances.

“Do you want to resist or respond to life, both in your hands”

This is “Law of attraction” and you can read the same in the book “The Secret” by Rhone Byrne.

Evergreen future ;

Even in investments world, you can take decision in the present by looking in the past results. Only this can help in creating an evergreen future for your life.

Let us look at some of the past results of mutual funds,

Investing 15000 SIP for 15 years at 15% returns can fetch you 1 crore, this is called as Rule of 15.

Amount invested per month – 15000
Amount invested for 15 years – 27 lakhs

Mutual fund name
CAGR returns
Todays Value
Sundaram Mid cap fund
1.08 crore
Franklin India prima fund
1 crore
Tata Equity PE fund
97.57 lakhs
HDFC Equity fund Div
95.45 lakhs

SIP was started in July 2004 and returns as on 30th June, 2019

This may not sustain in the future as equity funds fully depend on stock market.

Looking at macro conditions and growth potential of India, growth story is still intact. We are still a emerging economy and we can be one of the developed economy. Government has set ambitious plan of becoming 5 trillion dollar economy by 2025. Going by this we can be sure of economy keeps progressing in the near and long term.

Instead of What if i had invested in the last 15 years for one crore corpus now, start looking it as “What if i had planned to invest for the next 20 years”. This is the only way forward to respond and take control of your life changes.

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